The President Didn’t Know. Or So He Says.

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This nation is experiencing some of the most earth shattering issues that it has faced in the last 70 years. These issues go to the heart of war and peace, border control and national security. They are issues that call into question the protection clause of a slew of constitutional amendments, including freedoms of the press, region and privacy. With so much at stake you would think that our executive branch would be honey combed into the minutia of these issues. However our president doesn’t seem to know anything.

Let’s take Benghazi . The president cannot account for his command decisions related to the murder of four Americans in Libya on September 11, 2012. This terrorist assault resulted in the death of the U S American ambassador to the North African nation and three other security personnel.  We know that he had a national security meeting the day before that gave the threat assessment for the September 12 anniversary; however no one seems to know if Benghazi was mentioned. It’s odd that we have a step by step scenario, almost movie like in its approach in the seal team six raid in Pakistan that killed Bin laden. This production included never before seen footage of the situation room.  It’s sad that the president doesn’t know about Benghazi.

The president doesn’t fare much better when it relates to the IRS scandal. The president states he heard about the IRS scandal from news reports? That’s odd because according to the white house’s own documentation senior IRS officials visited the White House a stunning number of times in the two years leading up to the scandal that unfairly targeted organizations that were applying for tax exempt status because the IRS  officials opposed their conservative philosophy. The daily caller reported this year that “Top Internal Revenue Service Obamacare official Sarah Hall Ingram discussed confidential taxpayer information with senior Obama White House officials, according to 2012 emails obtained by the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee” the report continued, “Lois Lerner, then head of the IRS Tax Exempt Organizations division, also received an email alongside White House officials that contained confidential information. Ingram attempted to counsel the White House on a lawsuit from religious organizations opposing Obamacare’s contraception mandate. Email exchanges involving Ingram and White House officials — including White House health policy advisor Ellen Montz and deputy assistant to the president for health policy Jeanne Lambrew — contained confidential taxpayer information, according to Oversight. The emails provided to Oversight investigators by the IRS had numerous redactions with the signifier “6103.”Section 6103 of the Internal Revenue Code forbids a federal employee from “disclosing any return or return information obtained by him in any manner in connection with his service as such an officer or an employee.” All reported by THE DAILY CALLER. It’s sad the president doesn’t know about the illegal IRS activities.

Mr. Obama doesn’t have any knowledge about fast and furious, that’s the Illegal gun running operation the FBI and border patrol conducted in an attempt to monitor the dealings of Mexican drug lords. This operation resulted in the death of at least one US border patrol agent and hundreds of Mexicans. It’s sad that this president just doesn’t know.

Mr. Obama says he didn’t know the website for his signature program (OBAMACARE) The Affordable Health Care Act doesn’t work. Although he spent the better part of the last three years and much political capital to push for the implementation of the mammoth health care law he was not aware that the website had issues. It’s sad that the president just doesn’t know.

The president or his staff is making a critical error in political judgment concerning what the president should know or does know.

Two things are at play here. One ,the president’s staff are making a political calculation to isolate the president from criticism by removing the information from his authority or non-elected individuals are assuming to much authority in the decision making process.  Either scenario has risks that can be devastating to the country and his presidency.

The second option is that the president is simply lying. It is inconceivable to me that a president that can recite from memory  a multitude of basketball stats and that can be so up on pop culture as to know what teams on dancing with the stars are winners and losers cannot possibly suggest to me that he doesn’t know we are spying on our closest allies. In fact the personal cell phones of various world leaders?

We have a president who just wants to play the blame game. Since he can’t blame it on Mr. Bush any longer, well he has decided to take a different course. That course is called plausible deniability. That means if he doesn’t know then how can you blame him?

President Harry Truman famously had the sign on his desk ‘THE BUCK STOPS HERE’. Mr. Obama what does the sign say on your desk say  OUT TO LUNCH?

-Barry Curtis

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  1. Thank you for your straight forward commentaries, and your support for our constitution.

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