The Moral Question


The Moral Question

There are many variables in life that we can define as life altering or meaningful transitions to different stages of our life. There is however two constants in each of our lives. These constants don’t seem to differ much from ethnic groups or religion.

The two constants are; one, the uncertainty of life’s moral questions and two, the certainty of death. They are not only constants in our lives but they are bigger than all the other issues of the day. They loom over us like an ominous cloud that is likely to descend at any moment and somehow we are surprised when it does.

We could easily at this point discuss the greater issues of the day such as abortion, capital punishment pre-marital sex. We could, but we won’t. Let’s instead focus on the day to day workings of a moral dilemma.

It’s hard for me to pick out just one decision and try to make a determination of if it is moral or does it fit into my comprehensive spiritual composition.  Do I stop and ponder the issue?  That’s unlikely. If I see that juicy hamburger I am likely to eat it, when I see that pretty lady I am likely to pursue her. That’s the easy part, what comes next are the issues of moral decision making. For example, with that hamburger, do I also get fries? How About a shake with that? Heaven forbid do I BIGGIE SIZE them? You may have noticed that I didn’t mention the pursuing the girl part? I will get to that later.

I often wonder how GOD views these daily decisions we make. So I devoured two hamburgers today. Is that a good or bad choice? Does GOD really care?  If GOD doesn’t care, then why should I? These questions play over and over in my head like a Bach symphony number 2, not number 5, without the strings. Please don’t think I am in any way attempting to belittle my moral decisions or the GOD that I pray too.  You see, I want to get it right. Sometimes I feel as if there is a “how-to book” and you won’t let me read it. I feel left to wonder the earth unprotected, vulnerable to the whims of the world, naked without the garden.

Now to that second constant called DEATH. Yes we all die, I didn’t say I understood it, I simply accept it, maybe?  Why do some people live longer than others? Why do babies die? Why does it seem as if some suffer in death and others simply fall off to a deep sleep that they never awake from? Like a glorious Hollywood movie from the thirties, only in color. I sometimes like to think that I want death to come quickly, with a sudden urgency that must be satisfied.  When I think of a quick death I think of one that has little to no pain, or so I pray. I assume a quick death would be like a soldier in war who is the victim of a large and powerful explosion that he has no possibility of survival or the death of John Lennon on his own door step.

My friends, I want to go to heaven but I am not sure if I want to die to get there. Now my friends, please don’t judge me after all you have thought of it too. To that earlier point I made of pursuing the pretty lady? Well never mind, I have enough upheaval in my life.

Barry Curtis

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