The Moral Imperative of Now


The Moral Imperative of Now

The tyranny of time is always the suffrage of all good things and all good men. Time withers not only the vines of the earth but of the heart and the spirit that drives the heart. There is without question a great relevance in executing the moral imperatives of the day, now! This position is life changing and lifesaving. Regardless of opposition, regardless of threats and the weariness of our struggles we should always accept the patriotic position of the moral imperative of now. If you witnessed a child playing in the street with oncoming traffic would you hesitate to act to get the child out of harm’s way? Of course not! The same instinctive position should be taken as it relates to our personal liberty.

History is brandished with many examples of Americans acting in the moral interest now. There are equal amounts of historical examples in which as a nation we have rejected the moral necessity of acting now.

Our founding fathers did “highly resolve” that the king represented a direct threat upon the liberties of the colonist. The declaration of independence was signed in 1776. However, that was years after the colonist took abuse after tax-raising, liberty-taking, abuses from the king and his minions. However Interestingly enough even after the start of the revolutionary war less than 10 percent of the colonist took part in the struggle for independence. The majority of the colonist later recognized the moral necessity of the struggle but at the time support was anemic at best.

What is the lesson in that historical example? It is clear that you may be in the minority position but that does not lesson the need to act now. Just because the majority of individuals reject your position that should not lesson your enthusiasm to act or your moral imperative to act now! In fact the argument can be made that since we hold a minority view point it can be easier for the majority to diminish the protection of our view point. When we act now we could be acting in the preservation of our liberty, possessions, or life. The moral imperative of now is the greatest single act of self-preservation, of preservation of our liberties, and of our national survival.

The moral imperative of now suggests that if we fail to act now there will be harm. It suggests that the greater harm will be inflicted or even irreversible harm can be done if we fail to act now. We cannot as free men suggest which I do, that we are facing the greatest assault on our constitutional rights in this nation’s history and then we fail to act with the critical urgency that is required.

A lack of knowledge can be just as self-defeating as a lack of action. Most fail to act with urgency because they lack knowledge of the threat. The greatest threat to Americans today is the persistent and consistent passage of law, regulations and rules that constrict our lives.  In January 2014, 40 thousand new laws took effect. This assault on the daily freedoms of Americans at some point will be irreversible. The very existence of these wide arrays of written controls threatens your rights as a citizen. It may in fact criminalize certain behaviors. These laws impede business and restrict where you live, what you drive, where you drive, how fast you drive, what you carry in your car, get the point?  Keep in mind that any law, rule or regulation can be enforced. The greater point is that when a government has the ability to enforce a law, that government will do so out of self-preservation. The only thing that government produces is more government and it will protect its off spring. Clearly we see in this the moral imperative to act now!

We act by doing three things; one, we reject through the ballot box all attempts to continue to create more government, two We jealously guard our enumerated constitutional rights that protect us from  that very government, and three we engage in where necessary acts of civil disobedience to reject the encroachment on our liberties.

We proscribe here basic steps to ensure our resistance to big government’s persistence. There will be some that may call this radical. Yes it is! Radicalism can be party described as a quick and sudden change of course or action. That is at the core of a moral imperative of now, quick decisive actions.

I call upon all liberty loving Americans to take to heart the moral imperative of now. There can be little justification of a moral position when the answer is to sit and do nothing. Morality suggests actions now.

Barry Curtis

The Curtis Report

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