The Left Are Rarely Right


The Left Are Rarely Right

I will cease, effective today, from calling the left wing nuts, left wing RADICAL nuts. The word radical is used in an incorrect fashion when describing far left wing politics. You see, the word radical is a good word and like everything else the left wing steals, it has often times polluted genuine words with new and selfish meanings.

Radical means: thoroughgoing, thorough, complete, total, comprehensive, exhaustive, sweeping, far-reaching, wide-ranging, extensive, across the board, profound, major, stringent, rigorous and most of all it means REVOLUTIONARY.  That definition doesn’t describe tree hugging, Occupy Wall Street, pot smoking, anti-American leftist. That definition, offered by Webster’s, most certainly describes our founding fathers.

The left seems to envision a different America than you and I see. The left in this country seems to want to subvert all the things that we hold as important in our lives. They want to attack family, faith, and freedom. The far left seems to take joy in ridiculing our long standing vital institutions such as our military and traditional holidays that honor our important historical figures and events. The far left should learn that you don’t subvert something just because you can. The far left should take note that just because they don’t value certain elements in our society there are others that do place a different value on it. That’s called tolerance.

The left seems to be most fascinated by standing in the shadows and name calling behind a screen name. The far left seems to take great pleasure in getting few facts and turning the rest of the story into fodder for a reality show.

Let’s break it down for the far left boys and girls. You are not special, your thinking is not new, you don’t have a right to be entitled to anything of mine, you must earn what you have and get it by hard work not by hard wishing. Life owes you nothing and neither does any employer you seem too good to work for. The minimum wage is fair. It’s only not fair when you qualify for a higher salary. If that’s the case, get a different job that will pay you that higher wage. To the far left, I say stop taking out student loans you can’t afford to pay back, stop buying the newest gadget just because it is the newest gadget, and most of all when you move back home with mommy and daddy (and we know you will) you will live in their home under their rules and if that isn’t good enough for your winey lazy bottoms then move out. I have yet to hear from the far left any indication that they have an ‘occupy mom and dad’s house’ rally plan.

To the far left elements of our society how about this. Instead of occupy this and that, how about you occupy your time looking for a job and some much needed faith.

Barry Curtis

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