The Curtis Report Endorses Tony Arterburn for Congress

Tony Arterburn is a long time Texas resident, with a passion for the State of Texas and a growing drive to ensure the success of our State. Tony Abterburn has demonstrated a remarkable amount of leadership, courage, and understanding of the issues facing his state and nation as a whole. With these key principles, Mr. Arterburn is sure to bring growth and success to the state of Texas by being the driving force behind reform of issues most important to him including tax payer protection, care for our veterans, defense of the Second Amendment. We, here at The Curtis Report, proudly endorse this great young man for Congress 4th Congressional District District of Texas in hopes of the great success Mr. Arterburn will bring to Texas.


Here is a brief bio of Mr. Tony E. Arterburn Jr:

Tony E. Arterburn Jr. is a Native of Rockwall TX and graduate of Rockwall High School, class of 1999. During his time in high school, Tony began competing in the sport of Powerlifting, a decision that would eventually earn him State, National, and World Titles, as well as two World Records, becoming the first teenager in history to Bench Press over 510lbs in his weight class.

After graduating from Rockwall high School in 1999, Tony enlisted in the U.S. Army, where he became a Military Policeman and Paratrooper. While stationed at Ft. Bragg, NC, Tony served in the 108th Military Police Company Airborne/Air Assault. During this time Tony became a veteran of Kosovo, Afghanistan, and Iraq, as well as the driver for the Battalion Commander Lt. Col David Bradley, which Tony has cited as ‘One of the great honors of his life’.  In September of 2001 while serving in the U.S. Army, Tony had the honor or representing his country at the junior world championship Powerlifting tournament in Sophia, Bulgaria.

Tony is also extremely proud that his unit was the first Army Company on the ground in Afghanistan in 2001. In May of 2003 Tony also became part of the last wave of ground operations in the invasion of Northern Iraq where he served a year in combat operations.

In 2004 after returning home from military service, Tony became a licensed realtor and small business owner in several ventures including convenience stores and real estate. Tony is the President and C.E.O. of The Arterburn Real Estate Group, Inc., a thriving real estate agency located in Rowlett, Texas.  Tony is also a writer, activist, and professional speaker, fighting for the rights of Veterans, as well as advocating the virtues of The Constitution, Personal Liberty and smaller government. Having personally suffered from the after of effects of combat stress and trauma, Tony is passionately committed to helping our Veterans get the care they deserve while at the same time speaking out on the dangers of unconstitutional wars and police actions that are breaking our military and bankrupting our great Nation.  In addition Tony is not afraid to say that America is, at its foundation, a “Christian Nation” and is a staunch supporter of the rights of the unborn and traditional values.

Tony is the proud Father of an eight-year-old son, Houston Arterburn, as well as a six-year-old Chocolate Lab, Layla. He lives in Rockwall Texas.

Bio and photos courtesy of The Tony Arterburn Campaign.

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