The Best Deals in Dallas for a Dollar


The Best Deals in Dallas for a Dollar

I once thought, much like you, that there were not many things left that could be purchased for a dollar. I thought surely that was a thing of the past, a glorious example of a better child hood than our current generation, something to brag about and wish for the old days. I was not only wrong, it hit me square in the face like that first chill in the onset of winter or a Babe Ruth missed placed foul ball. There it was, many dollar items ready to purchase, just look at what we found. Keep in mind it’s all a dollar.

There are many stores that still have the plastic electric ponies and other animals out front that children ride. The one minute ride will cost you a dollar. In the same area a cool sticker or gum from a bubble gum machine will set you back a single buck.

A single condom from a restroom dispenser will cost a dollar. No further comment is needed on this one.

A single bottle of mini nail polish from Sally’s Beauty Supply will cost you ladies a dollar. Finding the right color is another story.

I was pleased to find that you can still get a scoop of ice cream from Braums or Baskin Robins for a dollar. Cookies and Cream on an old fashion cone will do just fine.

If that wasn’t enough, there is an entire store that is dedicated to the one dollar item. The Dollar Store is the name, and they stand by that name. You can find everything from paper plates to wedding place settings, from men’s scarves to purse sized umbrellas.  I say three cheers for you Dollar Store for keeping my child hood memories alive. The Dollar General store could learn from you, not all of their items are a dollar. False advertising if you ask me.

There are other things that make the list in Dallas for a dollar. Two tomatoes at the farmers market is only a dollar. Two cans of store brand soup at Fiesta mart will again set you back a simple dollar.

The best deal in Dallas Texas for a dollar is by far the daily edition of THE DALLAS MORNING NEWS. The paper charges simply a dollar for a massive amount of information. When I read this paper, it’s like my temporal lobes are on steroids.  You can browse the entertainment pages and the sports section including high school sports. You may also enjoy the metro section that will tell you who made Eagle Scout and who sold the most Girl Scout cookies. If you enjoy the banter of politics and (who doesn’t, right?) the political section is full of fiery brand Texas politicians who will tell you why the other guy is wrong and why they are more conservative than you. The business section is like a fine window display that has a sign at the bottom that states this could be yours if you work hard, pray harder, and are very lucky. The business section is a who’s who in the business world. This section is filled with adoring millionaires, and who doesn’t like a millionaire? The obituary section is my favorite. It is filled with the loving words of a family cherishing the last public display of affection. The obituary section is a mini blog that highlights the good parts of life, who survived and why they were good people. That’s a pity. You would think that all that would be worth more than a dollar.

Barry Curtis

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