The Artificial Lie


The Artificial Lie

You know that you have mastered the art of the lie when even your lie isn’t a legitimate lie. Radical liberalism is the epitome of the artificial lie. A legitimate lie is simply a lie, from tip to tip, from the outer creases to its core; all of it is simply a lie. Radical liberalism takes the lie one step further.  My conservative friends, radical liberalism is based on a sad premise. It’s called the ‘artificial Lie.’ This lie is cunningly positioned, as it is soaked in deceit and sprinkled with tiny bits of historical and statistical information masquerading as the truth.

Radical liberalism desperately wants you to believe its artificial lies. Here is a classic artificial lie. Radicals would suggest to you that black unemployment rates are higher than those of whites. That’s a fact. The artificial lie is black unemployment rate in three times that of whites and is higher because black people are black and whites have taken advantage of them. That is the artificial lie. It’s a great example of a carefully crafted mixture of fact and fiction to peak your emotions.

Radical liberalism takes the artificial lie to new levels. It takes emotionally enforced facts such as race and poverty and covers it with the filth of social engineering and the so called let’s make every one equal no matter what the cost mentality. These actions are all designed to gain political traction with the politically challenged voting group.

Radical liberalism takes the artificial lie and turns the full force of its emotionally charged statistics and historical scares into a rallying cry for self-righteous liberal ideology. Take this example; Johnny doesn’t have any food. Johnny broke into the store and stole some food. That is ok because Johnny needed the food correct? Radical liberal ideology has an artificial lie ready for this scenario. The radical artificial lie will tell us that Johnny is part of an under served, racially slandered, politically disadvantaged poverty stricken class. Therefore Johnny’s actions are justified based on his need and social status. The radical artificial lie goes further and suggests that if you disagree with Johnny or attempt to criminally prosecute Johnny then you sir are a racist!

Listen carefully my friends for certain language to preclude the artificial lie. That language will have words such as, wage gap, under served, racially dis-advantaged, or someone is waging a “WAR” against some gender or group. When you hear those words my friends, be sure to brace yourself for the artificial lie.

Barry Curtis

The Curtis Report

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