Remembering 9/11

Remembering 911

With the echoes of our forefathers that so eloquently shaped our national conscience with such noble words as remember pearl harbor, remember the Alamo and now lest we forget, remember 911. We remember 911 not only because of the wretched and hideous deeds of less than noble men. We remember 911 for the futile attempts at violating our “American nobility” Did those misguided and evil souls forget that our nation’s sovereignty does not exist in building? For those glorious American engineering feats may raise and fall as they have for centuries but our sovereignty remains. Did those scallywags and perpetrators of humanity forget that the life blood of this nation does not reside in the flying metal carriages of the sky as amazing as those marvels may be? The life blood of the nation rest in the non-wounded, undying, ever resurrected spirit of American exceptionalism. Did those lost and baffling ideologues forget that our military strength doesn’t reside in a many cornered building in Washington but our strength was born at valley forge, casted with the metals of courage and honor at Gettysburg and fort Sumter, solidified with glory and dignity on the beaches of Iwo Jima and Tarawa again in the trenches of France and Germany, regained a new in the jungles of vietnam, the sands of Iraq and mountains of Afghanistan. Or perhaps they had forgotten the greatest single patriotic devotion of the highest honor on the beaches of Normandy. Did they forget that the downing of a plane with our most precious national resource aboard in a lonely field would so gravely impact our soil? Did they not know the amazing harvest of our national will and pride to sustain any efforts to affect our land with a weary burden?

They may have forgotten but we have not! So remember!

Remember the lonely flight to earth in the precious field in Pennsylvania

Remember the leaps of many into the arms of GOD out of that burning hell.

Remember that futile attempt to alter our nations landmarks.

Remember 911 so that our children will rejoice in the knowledge that when we as Americans were put to the test we rose to the occasion. Remember so that future generations can say with pride and hope that our national identity, our nation conscience our national purpose will forever be preserved in that intense, sharp and ever present spirit that we as a nation have a nation destiny, that does not reside in structures or technology, but in the zeal and enthusiasm that is the American spirit, that American exceptionalism, our American nobility.

Barry Curtis 9-11-2012