A Patriots Call

The first duty of a patriot is to be informed; the second duty is to be armed. I now call upon all patriots to adhere to the first responsibility of citizenship. It is clear that our founding fathers demanded that we as patriots remain engaged in the struggle for freedom. Adams, Jefferson and Washington never took a break from the burdens of citizenship. Our founding patriots recognized that the struggle for freedom never ends. Ronald Reagan often said that our nation’s freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. I call upon this young and untested generation to Facebook,  Tumblr, texting and Twitter their way into the national dialogue of freedom. The nation’s first words of freedom may have been echoed in Philadelphia over 230 years ago but the great discussion of liberty that so shook independence hall in the warm summers of the continental congress have never gone silent. The greatest guarantee of freedom for our nation’s future is to secure the knowledge and love of the constitution in our youth.  The most significant difference between our founding fathers and politicians of today is that our original orators of this argument of liberty had an undying love for the declaration and the constitution. That is not an exaggeration, there was an absolute love for these documents and of course the ideas and the principles they stood for. It was clear by the passion and intensity that our founding hero’s spoke, that they would lay their lives on the line for the said principles that they argued for. I call upon all patriots make ready to do the same. We must take to heart the sacred and noble honor to stand in defense of the nation’s founding documents. I as a citizen have no shame or embarrassment to publicly proclaim that I love the constitution, I love the declaration of independence and that I am a patriot. Can you say the same? Will you answer the call of our fathers and say clearly that I will be patriotic by staying an informed citizen.

-Barry curtis