Live at 3pm: Republican Candidate For Dallas County Sheriff Kirk Launius

Live on “The Curtis Report” today republican candidate for Dallas county sheriff Kirk Launius KHVN 970 am 3pm satuday call in 214-787-1970

Listen Live from KHVN 970 at Tunein radio

The citizens and taxpayers of Dallas County deserve to have a Sheriff who is already a licensed Texas Peace Officer at the time of the election, and who has actually patrolled the streets of Dallas. I graduated #1 in my Dallas Police Acade

My class, racking up the highest academic and overall averages. As a result, I earned the opportunity to select the area of town which I would patrol, and I chose — not the easiest, but the most challenging — streets of Southeast Dallas: Pleasant Grove, Fair Park, South Dallas, and parts of Oak Cliff. I interacted significantly with Dallas County Sheriff’s Deputies — especially in the unincorporated areas of Dallas County where patrols have been cut in recent years, leaving those taxpayers vulnerable. I am not some career bureaucrat who has become “comfortable” with spending other people’s money (OPM). As a job-creating entrepreneur in the security services industry, I demonstrate daily the management and leadership skills required to keep a business growing in the toughest of economic times, and I will train my business acumen and keenly conservative fiscal practices on running the leanest of Sheriff’s departments so that you the taxpayer come out the winner!
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