Racial McCarthyism


Racial McCarthyism

McCarthyism as it relates to race is the practice of making an accusation of racism against a person, place, institution, policy or idea without proper regard for any evidence or personal experience that would validate the charge. The liberal left has not only used this racial McCarthyism as a tool to gain political advantage, the radical left has embraced this racial terrorism as a means to eliminate individual political candidates, attack political parties and change social institutions.

The liberal left understands the explosive nature of the charge of racism. It matters little if the charge is true. Racial McCarthyism relies on the shock value of the accusation. To be unfairly called a racist is like racing down the highway at break neck speed and suddenly finding out that you not only have no breaks but you don’t even know where you are going. Here is where it gets tricky, while you are trying to recover from this disaster, the liberal left changes direction on you. So not only are you unable to stop and you have no idea where you are but now you are faced with the daunting task of realizing you are going down a one way street and you can see the oncoming traffic headed your way. I say all that to make this point, to be unfairly labeled a racist is the “N” word for white people.

Racial McCarthyism relies on another fundamental necessity of its victims. To be successful in the unfair accusations, radical liberals are betting on you apologizing. Contained within the apology is the fodder for the radical liberals. The more you deny that you are crazy, the crazier you seem. The more you say you’re not a liar, the more defensive you become and guiltier you seem.  They are betting on unbridled passion and anger. Don’t scream back “I am not a racist.” Respond in a calm evidentiary approach. Respond to this racial McCarthyism with facts, figures and historical references.  Let’s be factual not emotional.

Make no doubt that there are racists in this country and perhaps policies that are biased and could be altered. There is not a racial divide that exists on the scale that the radical left wants you to believe. If a black man doesn’t have a job it’s because he is not motivated or does not have the educational aptitude to get one. Not because he is black. The liberal’s point of view would be that this same black man is not motivated because he was unfairly maligned because he is black. The liberal would want you to believe that the same black man isn’t educated because of the color of his skin. Most importantly in the face of all the evidence that can be wielded against it, if you disagree with their conclusions then you sir, and madam, are a racist. This is the point where you don’t get angry, but you get simply factual.

Barry Curtis



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