December 13th, 2015 Special Guest: Darrel & Cindy Deville

On Sunday December 13th, 2015, The Curtis Report will be joined by very special guest, Darrell & Cindy Deville. Mr. and Mrs. Deville will join The Curtis Report to discuss his book, “God’s Answer for America: How to save and change a nation“, and their belief over how our nation is going down the path for self-destruction. So remember to join us on Sunday, December 13th, 2015 as we are joined by very special guest Darrel & Cindy Deville.

Darrel and Cindy Deville

Below is a brief bio of Darrel & Cindy Deville:

Darrel and Cindy DeVille are founders of Shekinah Today Ministries in Dallas ( They launched Pray America! Campaign which includes a 12 0′ clock Prayer Challenge now in operation in more than 350 cities. They have been married for nearly 3 decades.

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