October 18th, 2014 Special Guest: Wayne Thompson

On Saturday, October 18th, 2014, The Curtis Report will be joined by very special guest, Wayne Thompson. After a long, well rounded career in public safety and law enforcement, Wayne Thompson has continued his service to his community by now serving a second term as Fort Bend County Republican Party Precinct 3113 Chair.

Along with being an active member in the Republican party with volunteering his time and efforts, Wayne Thompson will put his past law enforcement and military experience to join our show to give a deeper look at his own area of Fort Bend County.

Mr. Thompson will join the show to discuss his own precinct, as well as the surrounding areas, the demographic and geographic makeup, as well as their role in the ongoing efforts to enhance border security.

Please remember to join us as we are joined by very special guest, Wayne Thompson, Fort Bend County Republican Party Precinct 3113 Chair.


Below is a brief bio of Mr. Wayne Thompson:

My name is Wayne Thompson and I am a 37 year resident of Fort Bend County, Precinct 3. Formerly, I ran for the Office of Constable in 2012. After a very successful campaign against a 24 year incumbent I was abruptly pulled from the ballot just weeks before the election due to the redistricting from the recent census. You may recall the confusion and delays that this caused during that election cycle.

Subsequently, I was unanimously elected by the Fort Bend County Republican Party executive committee to serve in the vacant precinct 3113 position. I was honored by this and have diligently served the party for the duration of my term. I will begin my second elected term as Precinct 3113 chair and will be uncontested on the March 2014 ballot in Fort Bend County.

During my time as your elected precinct chair, I have been actively involved in the party and have volunteered time during elections, fundraisers, and I have continually supported the growth of the party by participating in new clubs and chapters that have been formed. I have also supported the party financially. Notably, I have worked with others on the re-establishment of the Fort Bend Young Republicans club which will be meeting on early 2014.

As stated on the welcome page I am a Licensed Texas Master Peace Officer, Firefighter, and Licensed Paramedic. I have also served in the Texas Army National Guard and the Texas State Guard. I am also a Department of Defense Unexploded Ordnance Technician (Bomb Tech) and maintain numerous other federal, state, and local certifications and credentials. During my public safety career I have served as a patrol deputy/officer, police supervisor, police sergeant, investigator/detective, Emergency Medical Services director of operations and as a lead adjunct faculty member and police trainer for one of the largest community college district’s in the United States.

In my law enforcement career I have attained the highest level of peace officer certification, the Texas Master Peace Officer license. I have also received state certifications as an advanced police instructor, firearms instructor, special investigator, investigative hypnotist, crime prevention inspector/specialist, mental health officer, telecommunications operator, jailer, and have received an academic achievement award. I have received several life-saving and meritorious achievement awards during my law enforcement career. Other notable credentials include Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) certification, Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training Train-the-Trainer (ALERRT) for active shooter incidents, defensive tactics instructor, and Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) Hostage/Crisis Negotiator.

During my military service I served in various capacities as a Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO). I served with both the Texas Army National Guard and Texas State Guard. I swore into the Texas Army National Guard on my 17th birthday as a combat medical specialist. After serving in the Army National Guard, I later joined the Texas State Guard and continued my service as a military emergency management specialist and NCO. I obtained the coveted Master Military Emergency Management Specialist credentials and completed the Basic Non-Commissioned officer’s course (BNCOC).

During my service I was deployed several times for State Active Duty (SAD) and earned other awards including the Adjutant General’s Individual Award for extraordinary service during Operation Dean. The Adjutant General’s Individual Award is awarded to any member of the State Military Forces of Texas who, while serving in any capacity with the State Military Forces of Texas, shall have distinguished himself/herself by meritorious achievement or outstanding service.

I have been featured on several radio shows including “The Other Side” and “Rifleman/Appleseed Radio” discussing local issues, 2nd amendment rights, and U.S./Mexico border issues. I have also spoken to local groups and community associations on community safety and crime prevention issues. I have also received recognitions from several local veterans groups such as the AMVETS, American Legion’s award for military excellence, and the Sons of the American Revolution award for “Outstanding Citizenship” for my efforts in the restoration of the historic Hodges Bend cemetery located in Precinct 3. I was the fist cadet corps commander of the Kempner High School TX-924 AFJROTC unit during my senior year in FBISD while concurrently serving in the Texas Army National Guard.


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