October 18th, 2014 Special Guest: Kory Boone


On October 18th, 2014, The Curtis Report will be joined by very special guest, Kory Boone. As a native of Prince George’s County in Maryland, Kory Boone has decided to make the move to take his community’s well being into his own hands. After over 10 years as an I.T. professional, Kory Boone has faced many of the same issues we all do nationwide, such as lack of local job availability, traffic issues, broken school systems and rising taxes.

With the issues growing in Kory’s home of Prince George’s County, he has decided to run for State Senate in order to begin working on some of the many issues growing throughout Maryland.

Please remember to listen in to The Curtis Report, as we are joined by very special guest, Kory Boone.


Below is a brief bio of Mr. Kory Boone:

Kory is a native of Prince George’s County, Maryland and has been an I.T. professional for over ten years.After graduating from Central High School in Capitol Heights, Maryland, he later attended Tennessee State University, graduating with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration.

Kory then returned home to work for Prince George’s County Public Schools as an I.T. Technician. As his interest in giving back to the community increased, he began working with and serving the teens of Woodstream Church. He then joined Greater Washington Urban League and worked numerous community service events throughout the Washington D.C. area, in addition to doing community service through his current position at Foley and Lardner, LLP.

Kory, after much thought and introspection, now looks to serve the citizens of his home District 25 and the rest of Maryland. As a former student and employee of Prince George’s Public Schools, Kory knows first-hand how the school system is failing the children and their parents. Like you, he’s also exhausted with the long commutes and extensive traffic due to the lack of local job opportunities and stagnating business development. He also understands the frustration of watching your paycheck diminish rapidly as taxes are being raised everywhere you turn, but with little to show for it.


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