June 28th, 2014 Special Guest: John Boyd

On Saturday, June 28th, 2014, The Curtis Report will be joined by special guest, John Boyd. Along with being on numerous national associations pertaining to corporate mobility, Mr. Boyd is also a Principal of The Boyd Company, Inc., Princeton, NJ, one of the nation’s leading corporate site selection firms.

John Boyd will join The Curtis Report to discuss the economy and the many job-killing policies of the Obama administration and what should be done to encourage new corporate investment and job creation. With many years in corporate growth and economics, Mr. Boyd will inform our listeners of what exactly it will take to make lasting positive effects on the nation’s economy.

Remember to listen in to The Curtis Report as we are joined by very special guest, John Boyd.


Here is brief bio of Mr. John Boyd:

John Boyd, Jr. is a Principal of The Boyd Company, Inc., Princeton, NJ. Founded in 1975, The Boyd Company is one of the nation’s leading corporate site selection firms. Boyd clients in industrial and service sectors include the likes of Pratt & Whitney; Dell; Aventis; Time, Inc.; PepsiCo; Visa International; Hewlett‐Packard; Hospira; JP Morgan Chase; Royal Caribbean Cruises; and TD Canada Trust.
John directs information services for The Boyd Company and appears regularly in the national print and electronic media. John is a popular and provocative speaker on the topic of economic development trends and public policy issues impacting the direction of new corporate investment and jobs. John graduated from The College of New Jersey in 2001. He is a member of a number of national associations pertaining to corporate mobility, including the Council of Supply Chain Management, the Warehousing Education and Research Council, the National Transportation League, the International Call Center Management Association. In 2009, John joined DeMatteo Monness’s expert’s network, and provides business location, corporate real estate and economic development guidance to DeMatteo Monness’s hedge fund and institutional investor clients.

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