March 1st, 2014 Special Guest: Brenda Lenard

On Saturday, March 1st, The Curtis Report is pleased to have special guest, Brenda Lenard, candidate for U.S. Senate from the state of Tennessee. Ms. Lenard will join the show to discuss not only her campaign, but also what she wants to accomplish upon being elected to the U.S. Senate.

Being a very active and outspoken voice for conservative issues, Brenda Lenard, will discuss her plan to bring a strong conservative mind to the U.S. Senate in a time when it is very much needed.

Please join us on Saturday, March 1st, 2014 on 660AM The Answer, for our discussion with Conservative candidate for U.S. Senate, Ms. Brenda Lenard.


A brief bio of Ms. Brenda Lenard:

Born in St, Louis, Missouri, Brenda Lenard grew up in Atlanta, Georgia with a loving mother and five siblings and little else. Her mother worked a variety of jobs. Even though these jobs required hard work and little glamour, her mother knew this life was better than the dirt farms upon which she grew up. She also stressed to her children that hard work was the key to achieving their American Dreams. Lenard’s mother had two dreams. First, she wanted to move her children out of the condemned building they called “home” and into their own house. Secondly, she wanted her children to graduate from college. As a single parent of six, these aspirations might have seemed lofty, but she knew that if she kept her faith in God, faith in themselves and faith in the greatest nation on the Earth, nothing was impossible. The first dream was realized in a rural community on the outskirts of Atlanta, Georgia. After years of saving from her many jobs, Lenard’s mother surprised the entire family, by purchasing a home for their family. The second dream was realized when Lenard graduated cum laude from Beulah Heights Bible College with a degree in biblical studies and leadership in 2005. Inspired by the work ethic and character of her mother, Lenard continued her education by earning her Masters degree in public administration from Kennesaw State University while working full-time and raising three small children. She is currently completing her dissertation in political science and evaluation measurements and statistics from the University of Tennessee- Knoxville. Though Lenard enjoys using her talents in academia, she has gravitated towards the culture of public service. Lenard began her professional career in private banking as a private bank advisor for Heritage Bank. After considerable success at Heritage bank, she moved to MCI. Within a short period of time, Lenard rose to position of HSE supervisor. Although the comforts of a corner office seemed gratifying, Lenard new that she needed a challenge. She became the chief executive officer of a mid-size construction firm. This meant starting from the “ground up,” operating and maintaining heavy equipment and general labor. Lenard was assigned to grow the new start-up in an overcrowded and competitive industry. Within two years, the firm was boasting a consistent track record of improving efficiency, maximizing profits whilst minimizing costs. Energized by overcoming the many obstacles of her job at Blend Construction, Inc., Lenard took on the greatest challenge of her career. Following the death of her six month old son due to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, she founded and serves as the Chair of National Strategy for Daniel’s Dream for Children’s Awareness, Inc. An organization committed to heighten public awareness of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Under Lenard’s administration, the Daniel’s Dream for Children’s Awareness has grown significantly, Lenard has been recognized for her advocacy by the American Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Institute. Her non-profit successes garnered the respect and admiration of industry peers who named her to the advisory board of Middle Tennessee State University.
Today, as a conservative candidate for the United States Senate, she is very active and outspoken voice for conservative issues. She serves as a regular contributor on several radio broadcasts and as a keynote speaker at conferences and events around the nation. Despite the many professional commitments of her life, Lenard continues to enjoy most the time spent with family. As her children grew older, she knew that she had an extraordinary obligation to do what she could to make this a safe and prosperous nation for generations to come. The paramount joy in her life are her children.

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