Double Header Books of the Week

Stupid Black Men by Larry Elder

Is life unfair for black Americans? Is racial equality the answer to every question of public policy? Are a huge group of citizens being kept down by the man? Radio host and bestselling author Larry Elder has made a career out of being a thorn-in-the-side of the conventional wisdom crowd. He deflates the pompous and points out the completely logical truths hidden behind the nutty rhetoric and out-of-control pandering of many of the politicians and so-called leaders of a variety of special interest groups. In Stupid Black Men, he takes on the mind-set that always captures the most media attention as well as masses of public money in this country: those who rail against racism as the root of all problems, and who end up hurting precisely those they claim to be helping.

Whether they are demagogues like Al Sharpton, established politicians like Hillary Clinton, or entertainers like Danny Glover, no one escapes Elder’s cogent arguments and rapier wit. His sometimes hilarious and always infuriating examples of wrong-headedness skewer not just politicians for their smugness and hypocrisy, but also actors, educators, religious leaders, and the mainscream media for keeping the story in the headlines.

But Elder has a positive message, too: though they are fewer and generally not as loud-mouthed, there are leaders and role models today who want to sweep away race-based whining and urge everyone in America to share in the hard work, smart thinking, and optimism that make this country great.



Conservative Survival Guide to San Francisco: A Tale of Two Cities by Thomas Moyer

More than just a literary piece tackling the division of the world into being conservative or being liberal, this highly insightful work of Moyer is part travel guide, part personal memoir, and part political commentary. 

Like Group Captain Lionel Mandrake in Stanley Kubrick’s Cold War dark comedy, “ Dr. Strangelove”, Moyer stays true to his ideals of doing the best he can under less-than-ideal conditions while most of the people around him are a bit crazy, weak willed, or downright odd. Moyer provides a conservative insider’s perspective into San Francisco in Conservative Survival Guide to San Francisco —its people, culture, politics, and what it’s really like to be a “Mandrake” inside the most liberal city in America. More importantly, he shows conservative readers how he learned to stop worrying and love the city.

Conservative Survival Guide to San Francisco is more than just a looking glass into the bipolarities of the cool grey city of love. It also takes into account the author’s experiences in the most liberal city in America and is meant to show a snapshot into the life of a conservative. At turns striking and original, this eruditely crafted piece is the ultimate guide to the rabbit hole that is San Francisco.