What Is The Face of Black Conservatism?

The Media crow.
Media crow is the active manipulation of the main stream media to smear and discredit black conservatives. What liberals understand is that the greatest threat to the bed rock liberal causes of large unrestricted institutionalized entitlements, endless spending on social programs is an educated, self –reliant, independent, upwardly mobile
black populace.

The recent attack on actress Stacy dash for her twitted support of republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has highlight the “media crow” attitude on the black conservative leadership. Why is it that when we black conservatives speak, our words are valued less? Or we as black conservatives have our motives questioned and our very “blackness” falls under suspension? To me the vicious attacks are obvious. We are feared for what we can do to the myth of black liberalism; we are a threat to the lock step and liberalist worship of the Democratic Party.

All blacks are not democrats! All whites are not racist and all Mexicans are not illegal. All three of these statements seem to me to be just complete and true? Correct? Who would debate any of the three? What position would any logical person take to disprove, criticize or rationalize anything different than what was stated by all three solid and reasonable statements? Is one not like the other? Does one carry less merit than the other two? To hear liberals explain it the first about all blacks being democrats seems debatable or at least should be questioned? How so? Why? If we were to question any of the other two statements about not all whites being racist or that all Mexicans are not illegal we would without question is considered a racist, and correctly so. So why is it almost necessary for liberals to question the authenticity of any political thought by blacks other than a liberal position? There are three reasons.

The first reason is that black liberals have failed. Free housing, free food, free cell phones and free checks have not had any measurable effect on the medium income of black Americans.

The second reason is that the black liberal philosophy has run out of ideas. To improve the life and income of the black American more will need to be done other than food stamps and housing subsidies.

The third reason is that placed side by side with conservative principle the current black liberal philosophy doesn’t measure up. Given the choice of two varied and different philosophies most reasonable people will chose the conservative position.

The crow media continues to target those of the black community who share conservative principles, that’s a given. What we as black conservatives must do is to stand on the side of proven common sense and fairness that will win the day.

-Barry Curtis
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