Guess Who’s in The White House?

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Guess Who’s in The White House?

America seems to be awakening from the fog of novelty.  In 2008, we elected the nation’s first black (half black, I suppose) President. Ok, now what? With that election, came not so much hope and change! This new President was celebrated in Hollywood and the liberal press as a darling of the political world.

America suddenly awoke with a new kind of President in the White House. This President encouraged style over substance, hope over a plan, and change just for the sake of change.

In this world of instant gratification and on-demand rewards, many had high hopes for this MTV President. Most were mesmerized not by his problem solving abilities, but how well he looked while others worked on the problems. What America saw was not style over substance but style over even more style. We have invited someone to the dance that’s not capable of keeping a beat.

Presidents can be cool. John Kennedy brought cool to a whole new level in the White House as the nation was captivated by CAMELOT.  Ronald Reagan redefined style and elegance as he elevated the presidency to new heights. These men both possessed style and intellect. The evidence is clear that the nation deserves both.

History has spoken and it’s clear that rock stars don’t make good presidents. Our sense of history should not be clouded by trivia but driven by purpose. In the end we have found that community organizers don’t have the skill sets necessary to be president. We need leaders with proven track records of successful policy implementation and leadership.

So Mr. President, feel free to go on MTV, but please don’t dance.

-Barry Curtis

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